Thursday, August 13, 2015

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     The last few weeks have been long, haven't they? It feels like six months have passed in a mere six weeks. Heightened  emotions have been on the forefront of our daily lives. Sleep or even simply 'checking out' will not help the unresolved feelings you carry inside magically lift away. For example, have you said or heard the phrase, 'not my monkeys, not my circus'? I know I have heard it a handful of times and even seen it posted on Facebook. But here's the thing, they sure are yours and mine. If you love them. You can distance your self from chaos and we all can make better daily choices not involving stress or negativity. We as society need to maintain boundaries and a kind open heart. You do not need to necessarily distance yourself from everyone. Being connected to each other is a primal instinct that that has been with man since the creation of time. We don't always need to have an opinion on every subject. Sometimes it's better to sit and listen. Isolation brings unhappiness. Everyone needs to speak what's in our hearts and minds. If you do not get your thoughts and feelings out, they begin to have a mind of their own. They become real, even if they are non existent in reality. Have you personally lost that spring to your step? That glimmer in your eyes. Did you know that who you are and what you are meant to create is within you? Then take a moment and breathe. Breathe deep from your pelvis, up through your stomach and out through your mouth. Deep and long. Blow out your breath and imagine it going into a bucket for the highest good of all. Breathe it all out. Focus on all of the negativity or stress or heart ache leaving your body dispersing into the bucket. You can give it to any higher power that you believe in. It is always easier to quiet your mind and your heart if you center yourself. And let go of the emotion. You cannot move on from a situation or pattern until you release the emotion of it. Then go to a mirror and  tell yourself, I am wonderful, I am whole, I deserve it. You may ask what is the proverbial 'it'? 'It' means everything, plain and simple. Now this doesn't mean you deserve everything without doing anything, you do have to work hard and make choices with direct action to follow those choices. Of course we need to start a dream by giving ourselves permission to be successful and accepting of success. After all, we cannot truly appreciate anything if we have no skin in the game. Just the other day, a friend told me they didn't know what they were going to be when they grew up. By the way, I know people in their sixties that do not have a clue what they want to be when they grow up (he he). For some reason people think it's some magical experience and you will 'find it'. I think this is another urban legend that we believe in. You create who you are, try things on. Imagine a long hallway of doors, this is your life. Step inside even if you do not think it fits you. It may be something you will need later. There are no small jobs. Experience and experiment! Every experience I have had in my life helped mold me into who I am now.  And no, it never landed on me. Did I dream I would be who I am when I was young? No. Am I proud to be who I am? Yes. I had to become proficient at something so I didn't starve. I became more for my children. As the years went on I realized I had to be more for me also. I realized very young I had to make money. Originally I wanted to be a starving artist with no cares or responsibilities. I thought I could live under bridges and while away the day painting in the french countryside. This plan would have been wonderful if we lived in a utopian world. To this day my children call my childhood plan the troll plan. They said, "so you wanted to be a troll and live under bridges?" I think that is hilarious, and very true, although not as romantic as I thought of it. My life so far has turned out better than my original plan of painting under bridges. (Lol) That my friend is  good old dedication and hard work. Blood, sweat and tears makes dreams real. Don't get me wrong I love being a stylist. But it wasn't my dream. It became my dream because I chose it to be. Create your best life. Create your own you. #everthoughtful #neverendings

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