Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's funny how life throws you curve balls. At least I am maliable enough to bend and curve along with the sudden ups and downs.
My love for humanity as a whole is not shaken. Every day I'm reminded to try harder to be the person I will be proud of when I make it to the finish line of my life.
Could people choose another way? Of course... I choose, as they say the proverbial road less traveled.
I watch my friends make decisions. Believe they are the ones behind the wheel of their life. Funny some things are predetermined. Our choices make the impact we perceive in our lives.
I watch things unfold, always holding the truth accountable.
We all have different truths to hold. Whether we choose to admit them or not.
For me sleeping soundly at night is enough. I can rest my head on my pillow, and say today you were accountable for who you are, and what you believe.
It would be nice if every person, could look deep enough to see how their actions effect the people around them. This is my daily goal. To impact a difference.
Mind set is a difficult thing to change. There really are people out there that really want to help. I can't believe,(or won't believe) that everyone is only concerned about themselves. After all aren't we all in this together?
Just food for thought...
Ever thoughtful, never endings....

Monday, February 7, 2011


My bucket list grows shorter and shorter.

There are just a few loose ends to tie up before I feel secure in what my life has been. (Not that I'm going anywhere mind you:))

I would love to know my mother is well taken care of.

My children will definitely stand on their own two feet, with my loving husband to be the soft pillow to land on.

A trip to Paris, then to Ireland, and the birth of my youngest sisters' son. That is what a happy life is made of (to me).

Only 4 things left to set to rights, albeit four life altering occasions. My goal list is finally countable on one hand.


It is strange to be the mother of a 15 year old. I remember distinctly being pregnant with my little girl. Now she is on the doorstep of womanhood. Beginning to realize just who she really is.

I can remember instances that formed my judgment. Funny how it seems not long ago, I was the same young adult trying on life hats, wondering if I would someday grow into them.
She will have some of the same situations I have. The difference is she can already focus on a path. See the light through the trees.
It's amazing how we want better for our children, and when you send them out with the right tools, they do it.

I would never change anything in my life. All the trials and tribulations have made me who I am. I wonder if she would be as whole, if I wasn't as shattered as I once was.
I am whole... But It wasn't that long ago, that a silly thing like a movie, for instance, would change my outlook on things. Seeing through my daughters eyes, she has been embraced from birth in the ideology of a woman being whole.

I can't wait to see the strength in her daughter one day:)