Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Hair Stylists In Denver « CBS Denver – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Denver

Best Hair Stylists In Denver « CBS Denver – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Denver

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


    Times they are a'changin'.
It's been a bit since I last posted, the Salon has found its wind. Not second mind you, but it's here all the same. I am enjoying the feeling of completion.

   Old friends parted, new friends joining. It's a great time to be alive.
New faces breathe a lithe of honesty, into any situation.
    I love comparing my trials and tribulations to someone that's gone before, and truly mastered the skill. Every time I think I've got it my ego gets the best of me. Fear and Ego, two things I try to eradicate from my being. Mental tapes reprogrammed.
    I was fortunate enough to have been invited and attended, a Memorial for a man I never had the pleasure of knowing.
      He loved Beach Cruiser Bikes, and his garden, he was a joyful Barista and an Artist. He was in love for the first time, he left us at twenty-six.
    One common thread was apparent as his friends and family remembered him.
   He was not the richest, nor the most handsome, not as you would say a high powered, goal oriented member of society. But a salt of the Earth Man, one you would love to be lost in a rain storm with. A person that made your day better just from the friendly banter while he was making your favorite coffee, or sandwich.
    A servant to us all, reminding me to serve all I love, be my best me, live my best life. So when I'm called to go I know I will not look back on my life and have regrets. Never Ending...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


    I love the warm night air, billowing around me. As of late, the fam and I have been "toasting the mallows," as my son would call it.
    "You toast the mallow, then take both grams and catch the swollen burnt mass, after smashing, insert the bite sized snickers into the center of the gooey mess. For the layman it's a s' (our style).  He always has to rehash this little tidbit of information for all huddled around the smoldering pit.
    We installed a fire pit, (if you hadn't already guessed) on our front porch, hoping maybe to promote more camaraderie in the neighborhood.

    My poor neighbors had to deal with our lack of home ownership responsibilities, while we undertook the commercial rezoning of our other property. Good news, we could reinstate our habits on the home front; as our Salon is on it's proverbial feet.

    It's amazing how little things like roasting marshmallows, brings out the best in everyone. Staring into an open flame, and a touch of starlight, makes for a perfect summer night. Simple moments, like these are etched into my minds vision. Friendly conversation, the kids giggling in the back round, the familiar crackle of the fire restoring faint memories. And interjecting new ones in their stead.
  It was ironic to feel the long breath of summer, and a staccato mist of rain.

  Over the howls of the neighboring dogs, in the distance a thunderhead loomed. The appearance of lightning, filling the cumulus clouds to their seams.  A spectacular array of light, amongst the clear twinkling skies all around. Interesting, like voices in the distance communicating, as we were.
I can understand how we could make a god for each act of wonder. As for me I choose the duality, Heaven and Hell(at least on Earth, what we make of our  own reality), Good and Evil, Mother and Father.

    It's like a short jaunt to the mountains, only in my front yard.

    I love coming inside after the mallows are all gone--to the smell of my own wood smoked clothes--reminding me of years long past.  A quick recollection of old choices I had made along the way. A remembrance of a time when my life was a much slower pace. 

    It's these quick little journey's I hope to hold on too. This is the reason I strive, and push myself, so I can enjoy all the sweet little breaks that crop up in my path. "To stop and smell the roses," and reflect on their scent. Even when the dark storms threaten, It's my choice to be...feel the present, recall the past, and learn from it. To stay conscious, and always choose who I want to be.

   Ever thoughtful, Never Ending...

Thursday, April 29, 2010


    This side of the glass is always clearer.
        I look back through.
            It is the past,
                I look forward with vision.

    But never understand, the shapes are blurred, the colors melding into one another. I feel I should know what I am seeing. Somehow I can't make the scene before me recognizable.

   I reach out, my hand softly caressing the glass. I should have known...
        I should have known...

    It is sad when all you see in someone is unused potential. I believe we all are on our own journeys. I just wish sometimes it could be in the same direction.
    That, I guess is the beauty of freedom.
    Who am I to know, what is right or wrong for anyone else. I just would like to treasure the people I love, and feel the same in return.  

    People grow apart, desire other things. It all adds to who we are as people.
    I try to surround myself with people of a similar mindset. I can normally see their colors shinning through.
    Love of a friend (or when I was 17---a boyfriend---) always dulls the mind. Since I was young it has been my so-called best friends that I see clearly... much, much later.
    After the damage has been done.
        No more excuses, no more blind faith in their character.
            This pattern finally has been put to rest.

    Sad, sad, sad... But the blinders are off.
    I learned a long time ago to take people at their word. I don't believe in a negative world. I choose not to live in one.

    I will care,
        I will hold my dream close.
            I will be who I choose to be.

And it will always be for the greater good because I believe...

                    Ever thoughtful, never ending.        I

Thursday, March 4, 2010

***Kasey Grantham***Never Endings***: "mY dIFFERENT wORLD vIEWS"

***Kasey Grantham***Never Endings***: "mY dIFFERENT wORLD vIEWS"


    Every few years another chapter of my life spreads out before me. The blank page awaiting me to find the words, to fill in the empty spaces. The words appear after the lines seem to blur. One dream finished, another unfolding.

    Most of the things I have always wanted to be---or treasured---change like the passing of seasons. The only constant dream is my children. And like the mountain saplings of my youth, they will change colors, and grow into maturity. In a blink they will surely find lives of their own, planting their own seeds along the way.

    Hopefully the storms will swirl but leave their fresh limbs intact. Branches ever unfurled towards the streaming sun at day, and the twinkling stars of night. Never curled, always open. Beaming with the warmth that I picture sealed on their tiny little faces. The vision I swore to keep, a memory of their first smilies broken wide by tooth-less gums.

   Even now while my son grumps of stuffy nose, I think of the day that he won't need my comfort. Or a day, no long off, that he calls not because he loves me, but because he needs something for college.

I am thankful for the time they need me. I am thankful for the nights when all three pile in my bed to watch movies, and giggle till the early a.m. hours. I am thankful for the small day trips, time spent together exploring, being present. I am thankful for the everyday little things that give me something to reflect on.
    A heap of pictures stored in the back of my mind, that I can shuffle through for breath of peace. A heap of sounds, filed away, little feet...pattering, first laughs, first words, first "Mom". Even though it was just as foreign to me as it was to my oldest when she bellowed it. A heap of smells, like those early morning hours, swaddling my brand new baby. A heap of caresses, little fingers grabing with a strangle hold onto my finger. The bump of a toddler, a soft embrace of a small arm wrapping around my knee as I'm standing. A grateful hug from a teenager after the answer "Yes" is uttered. One of my favorites: a bear hug, after school, "just because".

    The joys of firsts, middles, and in the case of my youngest, lasts.   

   A true glimpse of happiness.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


    Random acts of kindness are always an inspiration.

    Tonight, my eleven year old son asked me to watch a movie with him after dinner. Of course first and foremost, he picked a cartoon. I don't mind them, occasionally we will take a family field trip to our local theater---to partake in a Disney experiance. But, this one really wasn't high on my list to watch for the hundredth time.

    I told him,
    "Hey  dude, how about we watch it upstairs in my room (only because I could sneak my laptop from its resting place on my  side-table, a quick escape).

    He instantly had a look of disappointment. I realized he really didn't care about the movie. He only wanted a bit of companionship from me. I wasn't the one being randomly kind, it was him. With the truth showing through his slumped shoulders, I understood I should feel grateful for him wanting to spend the next couple of hours watching a movie with me.

    I am always humbled by my children, and others who are more wise than I.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


    The crossroads have come and gone for the fourth time in my life. I'm infused with a new energy to find my way to my next path. After all, don't all life paths converge?

    I had a discussion with my daughter and her friend today about the "D" word. They seem to think there is an onslaught of  people we know, that are wrapping at Death's door---or worse---six feet under. l smiled and calmly stated, "Girls, we all make it to the finish line in this life". I had to remind the girls of this detail several times during our talk.

    Why would this be something I would need to reiterate? Is it because of their youth? I doubt that very much. Most of the time, in my experience, the truest statements come from the youngest of us all.

    I believe when we get here, we really think were are invincible. That somehow were not going to die.

    Over and over I hear talk,"things can always get worse we could be dying". Sure I guess if you put a finality to Death. I surely don't believe it's the end all--be all. Just a simple passing to another plane of existence.

    Coming into this cold negative world is the true horror. Alone, naked, shriveled incapable of tending to our own needs, with strangers cradling us.

    Leaving we are among friends and family. Cradled in love, hands outstretched guiding us across.

    We have all heard countless stories of awe, peacefulness, and loved ones waiting to take us home.

    So why are we scared? Why don't we believe ourselves? Why would that be called the great unknown?

    There are many things we know to be true, that we are fed since birth. Why would those beliefs be any grander than the words spoken from a friend, husband, or brother?

    Why does insight to the soul have to come from the pages of a book? A perception from another human. If we were born in a different country, we would have completely different beliefs, routines, habits. But the stories of crossing over ring true in every land, every home, on every continent.

    We all are linked to one another, and to a greater purpose. We all can have wisdom and knowledge, they are the only true power. As some would say "it will light the lamp to your soul". If it doesn't, keep looking for will find you.

    As a race of people we were born with simple truths buried deep within us. They are the ideas we keep coming back to, the still small voice in the back of our minds willing us to remember. The gift was given to all, not just a select few.

    We are past the age where truths should be delved out by a middle man. They were right my body is my temple. I go to church religiously in my soul.

Monday, January 18, 2010


    When I was five years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to look over the counter. After all, those big people did a lot of things "up" there. I wanted to know what was going on.

    When I was six years old, my biggest aspiration I life was to find my real family. (I believed that I was adopted...but my mom has pictures that prove otherwise. LOL)

    When I was seven years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to be a bag lady ("troll" as my kids would say). I dreampt of living under bridges with my "treasures" and painting day and night. No responsibilities, no problems. (Remember, I was seven).

    When I was eight years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to ditch, and get through school with as little effort as possible. For example, I would get straight A's first and fourth quarters, second and third straight F's. So all quarter's would equal out to C's...therefore I would pass. (Can you say poor mom and teachers).

    When I was thirteen years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to get braces, my teeth were a small obsession. It's a good thing too because the oral surgeon would have physically broken my jaw to fix the problem when I was older.

    When I was fourteen years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to be with my first love, get married and have six children (missed it by that much....picture my fingers held 1/2 inch apart in the air).    

    When I was fifteen years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to do as many drugs as possible without getting caught. Hang out with my so called friends, and shirk as much responsibility as possible. (I'm sure you get the just by now. If I was ever told that I couldn't do it, I would show the world how blatant and extreme I could do it...sometimes stupidity won the day.)

     When I was sixteen years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to hop on a Greyhound bus from Golden, Colorado moving to Corpus Cristi, Texas. I packed my room and disappeared into the night after my parent had left for a weekend trip. My plan was to get married to my first two children's sperm donor father...this term used loosely. (P.S. I only knew him for two weeks) and start over.

    When I was seventeen years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to become a Mother (I know crazy...but my first daughter "Taylor" is the reason I am breathing to this day, not in a ditch...somewhere...or under a bridge).

    When I was eighteen years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to become a Cosmetologist, quickly taking the test for GED and passing above and beyond what I needed. 

    When I was nineteen years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to realize the man I was with-made it impossible to be with the new man I truly deserved. Potential means nothing, if they say or do something cruel; that's what they mean, and who they truly are. No excuses. Abuse is abuse, love doesn't ever have to hurt, or make you cry.
(Footnote on this year: The abusive, drug addicted, sperm donor cheated with my then best friend of eight years while I was nine months "prego" with my second child/first son...kudos to them. I never looked back).

    When I was twenty years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to be the strongest woman/mother I could be for my first son "Drew" who had a 50/50 chance for living. I praise god every day for his smiling face, and for the warmth in his hugs.

     When I was twenty-two years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to be the best at my craft, that I could be. That meant stepping out side of my box even further. Being self employed was finally on the horizon. Even though I was a single mom, I had dreamed of supporting us on my own-by my own means.

    When I was twenty-three years old, my biggest aspiration was to grieve through the birth and loss of my second son/third child "Colton", may his life always be a reminder of love and divine light to me.

    When I was twenty-four years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to have a home built with everything we had ever wanted. Unfortunately it was in a less desirable location. The day before we closed the lender jacked up our rates, changed our loan product and said in an arrogant tone, "You will buy this no matter what the cost. I know you love this house." I in-turn laughed, surrendered my earnest money, found a Realtor, acquired a new lender and re-started the hunt for a home of our own

     When I was twenty-five years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to be a mother for the last time when my third son/fourth child "Noah" was born. Hallelujah!

   When I was twenty-six years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to marry the man of my dreams (My sweet "Jason"). On National Geographic's top ten most beautiful bay's. Meagan's Bay to be exact, at the peak of it's heart shape, we were bonded by my overjoyed tearful mother.

   When I was twenty-seven years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to buy and convert a little residential bungalow style house into a commercial full service Salon & Spa. Hence Chez Elle Salon & Spa was born. My second living daughter/fifth child. It took almost three years to give birth to her (yes, just like an elephant pregnancy...and boy was she just as painful).

    When I was thirty years old, my biggest aspiration in life was to see my parking-lot finally built. It's so funny to remember, but I would see it so much in my head that after it was real, I just couldn't believe it. I would sit on the concrete curbs staring in wonder-pinching myself the entire time.
    When I was thirty-one years old, my biggest aspiraton in life was to write two characters into life. Cassie and Jared started haunting me in my dreams. Never have I had a muse disrupt my non-waking hours as they did. My first Novel came to fruition. We will see where this latest aspiration will lead me too. I welcome thirty-two with open arms...cheers!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


    Did you ever think that maybe we all have the answers we seek...inside of us?

    It's amazing to see the truth in a new way and the reaction it brings.
I believe if we remembered where we came from it would be so awe inspiring that we would end our lives---to return.

    We all decide what we want to learn when we come here (to this world). We come from a plane that I believe is perfect, whole, full of opinions. We still work, love, and occasionally get in arguments. But when your bathed in love it never goes far.

    When your in a place like that you can take on the we decide too.
    It's only when we arrive here that we realize the full potential of the negative surroundings we were just born into.

    It's hilarious that a movie can evoke so much emotion. Look inside yourself...for why. As they say, "the truth is out there."

Monday, January 11, 2010

"lUCK oF tHE dRAW"

    Am I just lucky?

    Well isn't that the funniest sentence.

    It's been over four years that My Salon has been an integrable part of my life (I'm kidding myself---I meant soul). I built this place to be my personal "utopia," it is and will always be. But the price was staggering. Last year I didn't know if I would persevere. Not that I would give up, you see that is not in my character.

   I sit here eating chili with my wonderful husband-my life a lot easier. The growing pains have subsided.

    Lucky would not be the word I would use (Unless were speaking of my supportive hubby). I have lived, breathed and consumed myself in this Salon world of mine. It is only now that I have somewhat awaken from the dream. It was to be a place of happiness, success, and friendship. I realize now that was a bit selfish of me.

    Most people are okay with status quo. Never rising above their station in life---listening to the mental tapes their mind has played since they were little. I always thought that if you built the door, anyone could walk through---ill designed (it's just not true).

    I can't make anyone whole, or want to be better, work harder, or love what they do. But in the end it's always someone else who is blamed if things don't turn out as people desire.

    Isn't that lucky...I am responsible for me, on occasion my husband and always my children (as long as they live under my roof). I personally refuse the credit , you have the tools use them...make it what you dream.

Ever positive and open.
Never Endings