Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Town Among The Clouds

No fears are ever found,
in this town among the clouds.
Where people live on top of trees,
and monsters live way down beneath.

How very dull it was to ponder,
what lay beneath way down under.
Hidden among the dirt and rocks,
to take a peak would be a shock.

No one was allowed to spy
what creatures and wonders hid near by.
Underneath the tree top town,
a mystery so far down.

I always wondered but never attempted,
to see the lower world as I had dreamt it.
Until a Boy in bright blue clothing,
Spoke to me with a sense of knowing.

Lets take a walk, he claimed,
a walk of faith, with dreams untamed,
to feel the wind against my face,
to fierce adventures and hidden disgrace.
We will feel the rush,
and enjoy the chase.

So I followed him down the unknown path,
and saw no monsters with mighty wrath.
No nightmares, or beasts with terrible fleas,
Just a quite world underneath the trees

By Taylor Kimbrough


It has been a while.
I saw you today.
On the side of the road.
Was it you?
There was a moment I remembered us.

Was it real?
Do I care?
I feel like my heart has healed then I see you.
Was it real?
Was it you?

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of you.
I wonder if your thinking of me at the same time too.
It could have ended better.
We could have been better people.
But it didn't.
And we weren't.

Was it real?
Do i care?
I feel like my heart has healed then I see you.
Do you care?
Was it real?

We can't go back.
I know it's true.
But I miss what we were.
I remember all the times you made me laugh.
I remember all the times I made you cry.

Maybe it wasn't you standing there.
Maybe it was just a dream.
Did I want to see your face.
Did my heart make my eyes see you.
I wanted it to be you.
I wanted you to see me.

Was it real?
Was it you?
Do you know I used to care?
My heart has healed then I see you.
Do I care?
We can't go back.