Sunday, February 21, 2010


    Random acts of kindness are always an inspiration.

    Tonight, my eleven year old son asked me to watch a movie with him after dinner. Of course first and foremost, he picked a cartoon. I don't mind them, occasionally we will take a family field trip to our local theater---to partake in a Disney experiance. But, this one really wasn't high on my list to watch for the hundredth time.

    I told him,
    "Hey  dude, how about we watch it upstairs in my room (only because I could sneak my laptop from its resting place on my  side-table, a quick escape).

    He instantly had a look of disappointment. I realized he really didn't care about the movie. He only wanted a bit of companionship from me. I wasn't the one being randomly kind, it was him. With the truth showing through his slumped shoulders, I understood I should feel grateful for him wanting to spend the next couple of hours watching a movie with me.

    I am always humbled by my children, and others who are more wise than I.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


    The crossroads have come and gone for the fourth time in my life. I'm infused with a new energy to find my way to my next path. After all, don't all life paths converge?

    I had a discussion with my daughter and her friend today about the "D" word. They seem to think there is an onslaught of  people we know, that are wrapping at Death's door---or worse---six feet under. l smiled and calmly stated, "Girls, we all make it to the finish line in this life". I had to remind the girls of this detail several times during our talk.

    Why would this be something I would need to reiterate? Is it because of their youth? I doubt that very much. Most of the time, in my experience, the truest statements come from the youngest of us all.

    I believe when we get here, we really think were are invincible. That somehow were not going to die.

    Over and over I hear talk,"things can always get worse we could be dying". Sure I guess if you put a finality to Death. I surely don't believe it's the end all--be all. Just a simple passing to another plane of existence.

    Coming into this cold negative world is the true horror. Alone, naked, shriveled incapable of tending to our own needs, with strangers cradling us.

    Leaving we are among friends and family. Cradled in love, hands outstretched guiding us across.

    We have all heard countless stories of awe, peacefulness, and loved ones waiting to take us home.

    So why are we scared? Why don't we believe ourselves? Why would that be called the great unknown?

    There are many things we know to be true, that we are fed since birth. Why would those beliefs be any grander than the words spoken from a friend, husband, or brother?

    Why does insight to the soul have to come from the pages of a book? A perception from another human. If we were born in a different country, we would have completely different beliefs, routines, habits. But the stories of crossing over ring true in every land, every home, on every continent.

    We all are linked to one another, and to a greater purpose. We all can have wisdom and knowledge, they are the only true power. As some would say "it will light the lamp to your soul". If it doesn't, keep looking for will find you.

    As a race of people we were born with simple truths buried deep within us. They are the ideas we keep coming back to, the still small voice in the back of our minds willing us to remember. The gift was given to all, not just a select few.

    We are past the age where truths should be delved out by a middle man. They were right my body is my temple. I go to church religiously in my soul.