Friday, January 30, 2015

The Perfect Crime

He had done it. He had gotten away with the perfect crime. He knew his ins and outs. Performed brilliantly with swift timing and a gentle touch. His execution was unmatched by any before him. Of course it took months upon months of planning, and persistence but he had walked away with exactly what he came for. And the best part? The victim had know idea of how, when or where it happened. All she knew was that the item of great value that had been locked away for years behind closely guarded walls was now missing and she wouldn't dare to take it back. The thief had taken her heart and she knew that it no longer belonged to her. She had never originally planned to let him have it but something inside of her changed. For just a split second she let her guard down and that is when the thief struck. 

By: Taylor Kimbrough

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today is a good day:) #chezelleswag

So I woke up today thinking I would just go to work as per the norm. Not unlike any other day, I put on my face, threw together an outfit, and styled my hair into a messy updo. To my surprise, my husband lovingly offered to bring me to the Salon. Instantly my day was getting better and better. I love it when he wants to drive me pretty much anywhere. I am one of those people that could have a chauffeur every day. Although I do love to drive a manual sporty car once and a while, my favorite is still when my husband plays the chauffeur and we casually cruise to the salon that we built together. Speaking of the salon, ever since the new year had started my husband and I have been itching for a new project to keep us busy. Today, change is floating in the air and we decided it was time to upgrade my broom closet of an office! As most people know, we both love to remodel just about anything! So today's agenda is a new office for me at the Salon. I couldn't be more excited to tell you the truth. It will be a very nice change considering I've never really had a true office to begin with. Unless a small makeshift laundry room counts as an office. Funny enough, it was my husband's idea for me to have a real office after 8 years of being in business. I guess I never gave a second thought about my office. The size never bothered me and I grew accustomed to shoving my things in my own little corner. But now that I am finally thinking about the new possibilities of my office, the more I am realizing how nice it will be to have a comfortable space to do the Salon books along with other forms of business. As a business owner and full time mother, I've always put my needs last. As it should be.You always share and go out of your way to make people happy and secure. It's all about balance. I know a lot of businesses feel like its about the bottom line and that, in the end, proves to be their fatal flaw. Honestly, I cant imagine my life if I thought like that every day. Of course I do budget, forecast, and obviously have to pay attention to the bottom line. But with that aside, I firmly believe we are all here to make each other's lives a little better in some odd way. I am one of those people that truly believes the world would be better off if we all tried to pay it forward every single day. It's all about the energy you put out there and how you react. It is the individual that makes his or her own heaven or hell. Little miracles every day is what we should be looking for. My husband having the time to be with me and helping me with little projects. That is a miracle. A miracle doesn't have to be a huge life altering occurrence. It can be something tiny, but something tiny is by no means insignificant. The clouds don't have to part. They could, but they don't have too. Sometimes small miracles are the best kind. The ripples in the proverbial pond. You can help someone and it doesn't have to cost a thing. It could be a smile, a hug, or even just a nod. Those small miracles can make all the difference in somebody else's world. You don't have to make a pact to pay it forward. You just have to think more positive. Smile more, hug more, laugh more. Thought and touch are the keys to this world. We can change this world from a negative plane to a positive one. We all just need to be thoughtful and present. We need to believe more, and be skeptical less.
Ever thoughtful, never ending:)          

Thursday, January 15, 2015

As My Mind Wonders

As the world turns
My mind simply wonders
Sifting through conscience and fateful ponders
Dreaming of what will and might
Dreaming of Wonders through day and night

To touch the stars that burn so bright
To see my love in candlelight
To leap off the edge of clouds
To see my thoughts and scream out loud

Oh to finally bear no chains!
To live a life free from strains
Limitless in all adventures
And to conjure thoughts no one ventures

Oh what sights to see
To live my dreams in front of me
Like a movie quietly rolling
A secrete story with no one else knowing

And though these dreams are not found in life
They help me through my times of strife
Quietly cooing their songs of hope
I find my dreams can help me cope

By: Taylor Kimbrough