Thursday, January 15, 2015

As My Mind Wonders

As the world turns
My mind simply wonders
Sifting through conscience and fateful ponders
Dreaming of what will and might
Dreaming of Wonders through day and night

To touch the stars that burn so bright
To see my love in candlelight
To leap off the edge of clouds
To see my thoughts and scream out loud

Oh to finally bear no chains!
To live a life free from strains
Limitless in all adventures
And to conjure thoughts no one ventures

Oh what sights to see
To live my dreams in front of me
Like a movie quietly rolling
A secrete story with no one else knowing

And though these dreams are not found in life
They help me through my times of strife
Quietly cooing their songs of hope
I find my dreams can help me cope

By: Taylor Kimbrough                        

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