Friday, January 30, 2015

The Perfect Crime

He had done it. He had gotten away with the perfect crime. He knew his ins and outs. Performed brilliantly with swift timing and a gentle touch. His execution was unmatched by any before him. Of course it took months upon months of planning, and persistence but he had walked away with exactly what he came for. And the best part? The victim had know idea of how, when or where it happened. All she knew was that the item of great value that had been locked away for years behind closely guarded walls was now missing and she wouldn't dare to take it back. The thief had taken her heart and she knew that it no longer belonged to her. She had never originally planned to let him have it but something inside of her changed. For just a split second she let her guard down and that is when the thief struck. 

By: Taylor Kimbrough

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