Sunday, February 21, 2010


    Random acts of kindness are always an inspiration.

    Tonight, my eleven year old son asked me to watch a movie with him after dinner. Of course first and foremost, he picked a cartoon. I don't mind them, occasionally we will take a family field trip to our local theater---to partake in a Disney experiance. But, this one really wasn't high on my list to watch for the hundredth time.

    I told him,
    "Hey  dude, how about we watch it upstairs in my room (only because I could sneak my laptop from its resting place on my  side-table, a quick escape).

    He instantly had a look of disappointment. I realized he really didn't care about the movie. He only wanted a bit of companionship from me. I wasn't the one being randomly kind, it was him. With the truth showing through his slumped shoulders, I understood I should feel grateful for him wanting to spend the next couple of hours watching a movie with me.

    I am always humbled by my children, and others who are more wise than I.

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