Monday, January 11, 2010

"lUCK oF tHE dRAW"

    Am I just lucky?

    Well isn't that the funniest sentence.

    It's been over four years that My Salon has been an integrable part of my life (I'm kidding myself---I meant soul). I built this place to be my personal "utopia," it is and will always be. But the price was staggering. Last year I didn't know if I would persevere. Not that I would give up, you see that is not in my character.

   I sit here eating chili with my wonderful husband-my life a lot easier. The growing pains have subsided.

    Lucky would not be the word I would use (Unless were speaking of my supportive hubby). I have lived, breathed and consumed myself in this Salon world of mine. It is only now that I have somewhat awaken from the dream. It was to be a place of happiness, success, and friendship. I realize now that was a bit selfish of me.

    Most people are okay with status quo. Never rising above their station in life---listening to the mental tapes their mind has played since they were little. I always thought that if you built the door, anyone could walk through---ill designed (it's just not true).

    I can't make anyone whole, or want to be better, work harder, or love what they do. But in the end it's always someone else who is blamed if things don't turn out as people desire.

    Isn't that lucky...I am responsible for me, on occasion my husband and always my children (as long as they live under my roof). I personally refuse the credit , you have the tools use them...make it what you dream.

Ever positive and open.
Never Endings

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