Sunday, June 6, 2010


    I love the warm night air, billowing around me. As of late, the fam and I have been "toasting the mallows," as my son would call it.
    "You toast the mallow, then take both grams and catch the swollen burnt mass, after smashing, insert the bite sized snickers into the center of the gooey mess. For the layman it's a s' (our style).  He always has to rehash this little tidbit of information for all huddled around the smoldering pit.
    We installed a fire pit, (if you hadn't already guessed) on our front porch, hoping maybe to promote more camaraderie in the neighborhood.

    My poor neighbors had to deal with our lack of home ownership responsibilities, while we undertook the commercial rezoning of our other property. Good news, we could reinstate our habits on the home front; as our Salon is on it's proverbial feet.

    It's amazing how little things like roasting marshmallows, brings out the best in everyone. Staring into an open flame, and a touch of starlight, makes for a perfect summer night. Simple moments, like these are etched into my minds vision. Friendly conversation, the kids giggling in the back round, the familiar crackle of the fire restoring faint memories. And interjecting new ones in their stead.
  It was ironic to feel the long breath of summer, and a staccato mist of rain.

  Over the howls of the neighboring dogs, in the distance a thunderhead loomed. The appearance of lightning, filling the cumulus clouds to their seams.  A spectacular array of light, amongst the clear twinkling skies all around. Interesting, like voices in the distance communicating, as we were.
I can understand how we could make a god for each act of wonder. As for me I choose the duality, Heaven and Hell(at least on Earth, what we make of our  own reality), Good and Evil, Mother and Father.

    It's like a short jaunt to the mountains, only in my front yard.

    I love coming inside after the mallows are all gone--to the smell of my own wood smoked clothes--reminding me of years long past.  A quick recollection of old choices I had made along the way. A remembrance of a time when my life was a much slower pace. 

    It's these quick little journey's I hope to hold on too. This is the reason I strive, and push myself, so I can enjoy all the sweet little breaks that crop up in my path. "To stop and smell the roses," and reflect on their scent. Even when the dark storms threaten, It's my choice to be...feel the present, recall the past, and learn from it. To stay conscious, and always choose who I want to be.

   Ever thoughtful, Never Ending...

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