Monday, February 7, 2011


It is strange to be the mother of a 15 year old. I remember distinctly being pregnant with my little girl. Now she is on the doorstep of womanhood. Beginning to realize just who she really is.

I can remember instances that formed my judgment. Funny how it seems not long ago, I was the same young adult trying on life hats, wondering if I would someday grow into them.
She will have some of the same situations I have. The difference is she can already focus on a path. See the light through the trees.
It's amazing how we want better for our children, and when you send them out with the right tools, they do it.

I would never change anything in my life. All the trials and tribulations have made me who I am. I wonder if she would be as whole, if I wasn't as shattered as I once was.
I am whole... But It wasn't that long ago, that a silly thing like a movie, for instance, would change my outlook on things. Seeing through my daughters eyes, she has been embraced from birth in the ideology of a woman being whole.

I can't wait to see the strength in her daughter one day:)

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