Friday, August 14, 2015

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     I will think of you. In the light of the morning, in the small light of night. I will think of you. We can dream together. We can visit, share our stories, share our fears. A dream is our waking fears played out. These are the stored feelings or fears that lay inside our conscious and subconscious minds. They are existent in all of the waking worlds ideas, pictures and feelings. Really, anything stored inside if your mind. In dreams these things come to life. Sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrible, and sometimes wonderfully terrible. Our minds bring our fears to us in these forms for us to conquer. Our subconscious mind brings the scariest moments to the forefront in our dreams. It has a real purpose. Nothing in our waking life could ever be as bad as our worst dreams, (well at least most of the time there are always exceptions to the rule). These dreams give us the power to succeed in our own lives, they give us the power to face our fear and overcome it. They give us the knowledge to go further than we thought we ever could. To walk the path that boils our anxiety through our veins, the idea that makes us want to run the other way. Most of the time this is the direction we need to go in, the fear ridden choice. I'm not saying unethical actions, and never anything that would ever hurt another soul. But in my experience you cannot grow if you don't try to stretch your soul. Change hurts until it doesn't. You have to be uncomfortable to become the next best you. A leap of faith is the first step then you have to push yourself, especially if your comfortable. Change is not easy, breaking the patterns you live in are definitely painful for all of us. Then again being stuck in a rut is also painful in a different way, of course. It takes courage to genuinely pursue life and reap its great rewards. I have no regrets, yes I know I have said that before. I cannot for the life of me, understand the point of regret. It is a completely foreign word to me. Everything that has happened to me or I have lived through made me a stronger, better person. I refuse to stop growing my spirit. I consciously keep my heart kind and whole. Be sweet, be generous, be courageous, be loving, be strong, all of these things do not have to come with an attitude. Nowadays I see a strong person and they think it gives them the right to be mean because their opinion is right. This also confuses me, if you are right there is no need to be nasty about it. You can help someone else find the way with kindness. I think sometimes we forget this and our ego gets in the way. We are the rulers of this world. We have unlimited power to change how we govern it and how we govern ourselves. I will think of you<3 everthoughtful="" neverending="" p="">

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