Thursday, July 30, 2015

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     Many times in our lives we feel broken and alone. I think all we need is someone to make the way easier. We are all inter-connected. We are not alone.
People have asked me what could help in our darkest hour of need. And every time, the words that flow into my mind are:
I am right here for you. If we took the time to just stop and tell each other, I am right here, the light would flow through this world like a breaking wave. Crashing into our souls. We can help. We can put ourselves last. And another first.
Every time.
Every time.
We can empathize. We can change this world we call home. We can make it easier for each other. We can stop trying to get--at another's expense. And we can give with no questions, or hope for credit. The smallest miracles are the kindnesses that aren't heard about.
I try every day to be the cornerstone piece that can hold up a skyscraper. We can all be the keystone for each other.
I am right here.
Our internal stories can be changed. Our lives can be brighter.
Do you feel like you deserve it?
Do you feel like your the only one that is in a dark hole at this moment. Your not. We all have dark and light inside of us and in this world. We all have problems. We all make it to where we need to be in our life journeys.
We all will make it to the end. We all will learn in the way we need to. There is no competition. The time limit we set for ourselves is not real.
Especially if we decide to be the best that we can be at this moment. And strive to be better next time. I choose to strive to be my best me every day. I choose to love fully and be available.
I choose to let go. I choose not to live in the past. I choose to live every moment, and be present. I choose to forgive myself. I choose to forgive all the people in my life that were put here to teach me what I need to learn in this world. My prayer for them is that their story is better for having me in it. I hope we all can learn from the choices we make and make better ones for each other.
I don't believe we are broken or alone. Just learning.
I believe we are powerful and loved. If we all tap into our power and love for one another we will change the world.
We can make the world and everyone in it feel loved.
We all deserve it.
Sometimes I look into the mirror and see who I am supposed to be. I tell myself that is who I am--until I believe it. I do this every morning of a transition to become the next level of me. Until I am that person.
You can too. You truly deserve to be what you think you can be.
The only limits of this world are the limits you place in your own mind.
You are the key.
Ever thoughtful, never ending. 

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