Sunday, April 26, 2015

Amateur #chezelleswag

There is a place I see in my mind. A place I set aside just for me. The world changes with the faults of our own thoughts. I protect my thoughts from the negative plane of this world. I wish the world would be more like the little space in my mind. It could be. Positive thoughts produce positive people. Change comes from enlightenment. I believe the collective souls of this world are ready for the coming changes. The energy feels different. Something is calling. My ears ring with the sound of change. Do you hear it too? My goals are always are based from my heart. Leaving this world someday, I hope it is better. I know it will be. We all have struggles and strife to deal with. But we can choose to handle all things that come our way with love and grace. It always makes things easier. Be sweet, be honest, be loving...I could choose to be complacent. Not question the way things are done. I have never done anything the so-called right way. Somehow it was always the right way for me. Who would it serve if we did not question our place, or our path? We are all servants to this world, in one way or another. It is in the journey that we find our strength, our passion. In the beginning of every dream, I question myself. After all, we are all perfectly imperfect. It is through the struggle and perseverance that we create who we are meant to be. The other day someone told me, "Well, that is good for an amateur." Well, my whole life I have been an "amateur" at everything I have ever tried. Haven't you? The first time is the worst I will ever be. Then the second is better. The third is way better and so on. The longer I believe, investigate, and practice, I become more proficient. Then after a time, I become the expert I knew I could be. Aren't we all "amateur" the first time? It is the Faith in yourself and the Will to never give up that makes the difference between amateur and expert. It turns you into the person you want to become. It strengthens your character. If you are unshakeable in your beliefs, no one can tell you, you are less than. And most of the time, they want you to be less than them because they are scared to follow their dreams, or change their situation. Why not be the support, the servant with love and belief to your fellow man? It is about the work. We are all blessed to have talents, it is the work that makes our dreams real, and our talents grow. The growth of your spirit is never paved with the easiest route. Otherwise, why would we be here? For us to build a better tomorrow, we need to dream and embrace the dreamers. Then brick by brick you can do the impossible. Small goals build big dreams, walls, towers, or the preverbal bridge to a better tomorrow. Don't let someone diminish what you are. Van Gogh was told he was an "amateur". No, he was before his time. Can you remember one name of the naysayers who told him he was not an artist? Off the top of my head, I cannot think of one name. But I see his work in my daily life. To be at the beginning is hard, but always groundbreaking. You and I have the power to become whatever we can dream. You have the power to change into the person you want to be. The possible and impossible begin and end in your own mind. Never listen to someone else's mind. We all can be unstoppable. Build the bridge.
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