Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just a little glitter #chezelleswag

When your not feeling that great about yourself. There are a couple little things you can do for a quick pick me up.

A. Put on a little sparkle. I know it sounds cliche. Shiny things sparkle. So can you. Or as my literal son says shiny thing reflect.  If your wanting to hide a few wrinkles. Make  sure you use a eye shadow with a little shimmer. Please don't cake it on. A smooth minimal application will give you that little extra.

B. A touch of bronzer around the edges of you hairline and under the apples of your cheeks help to give a healthy glow. Remember Bronzers are used to create shadows. Shadows emphasize highlights.

C. Another trick is to use a lightening/brightening cream or powder. These are meant for under the eyes and apples of the cheeks. You can also dust the powders softly through you 'T' zone. FYI a little goes a long way. There are many on the market that are amazing. My personal favs are Uplight Face Luminizer Gel, Compact Shine On, and the Shine On Powder all made by the most amazing product line. Make Up For Ever. Super looovvee!

D. A fab piece of jewelry. If you are used to wearing large pieces or any at all, by all means start out small. This is not a time to go big or go home. A little glimmer on the ears goes a long way. Especially if you have your hair up. If your new to accessorizing with jewels, you can pick one area to wear an item. You don't need to overwhelm yourself and wear bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Pick one area to showcase. Now If you are like me, Ignore everything I just said. I am a jewelry disciple. I wear my fav things everyday. Of course diamonds always sparkle. And they are a girls best friend. Yup, yup. But if it is a night out, I wear one giant piece. And leave the other areas bare. It makes a statement.  

E. You can never go wrong with a purse. It is the easiest accessory to complement your outfit. You can take the guesswork out of purse buying if you know what your 'colors' are. If you have your colors done you will always know what suits you best. Plus make sure its a color you gravitate towards. Even if it works make sure its something you love. Personally I Loooovve any purse that is gold. It has shimmer, love, love, love. Since I always buy gold, the choices I have at any store are limited. This equals easy.

F. Shoes! Need I say more?

G. Last but not least...Hair;) Okay so hair is the best accessory. If your hair looks bad you feel bad. This is not vain or vanity. This is the way you see yourself. Everyday you look in the mirror. This is the person you are, that you reflect to the world. For me, if I am having a bad hair day (my color needs to be done because I am bleach blonde and I have serious outgrowth. I feel like Shakira, but not in a good way), nothing works. It doesn't matter how cute my shoes are. I feel frumpy. Yuck. A little gold in your hair color creates shine. Warm tones reflect. Matt tones absorb. Just ask your stylist to add a touch of gold to your base color, or your lowlights. Or if you have darker hair a soft honey highlight is not only natural and grows out well, it can soften your color and add dimension. I add adornments to my hair, daily. My newest addiction is Color Rebel Glitter Spray by Redken. It is a flexible hairspray with the added benefit of large mica flecks. The mica is the largest I have seen in a Glitter Hair Spray. This makes my hair super happy;) You can also use a sparkly clip or glittery flower. A little glitter, no matter what it is always makes my style feel finished. #hairlove #hairisthebestaccessory #happyhair #chezelleswag #chezellesalon #chezellesalon&spa #neverendings #everthoughtful

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