Thursday, April 29, 2010


    This side of the glass is always clearer.
        I look back through.
            It is the past,
                I look forward with vision.

    But never understand, the shapes are blurred, the colors melding into one another. I feel I should know what I am seeing. Somehow I can't make the scene before me recognizable.

   I reach out, my hand softly caressing the glass. I should have known...
        I should have known...

    It is sad when all you see in someone is unused potential. I believe we all are on our own journeys. I just wish sometimes it could be in the same direction.
    That, I guess is the beauty of freedom.
    Who am I to know, what is right or wrong for anyone else. I just would like to treasure the people I love, and feel the same in return.  

    People grow apart, desire other things. It all adds to who we are as people.
    I try to surround myself with people of a similar mindset. I can normally see their colors shinning through.
    Love of a friend (or when I was 17---a boyfriend---) always dulls the mind. Since I was young it has been my so-called best friends that I see clearly... much, much later.
    After the damage has been done.
        No more excuses, no more blind faith in their character.
            This pattern finally has been put to rest.

    Sad, sad, sad... But the blinders are off.
    I learned a long time ago to take people at their word. I don't believe in a negative world. I choose not to live in one.

    I will care,
        I will hold my dream close.
            I will be who I choose to be.

And it will always be for the greater good because I believe...

                    Ever thoughtful, never ending.        I

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  1. Hi - from you following me on twitter I have found your blog - love this entry - very profound and also appropriate for me to read in my present state. thank you.